DANCE contains:

Dance Yrself Clean 500ml  - Blanco Tequila, Strawberry, Grilled Corn Husk

Weapon Of Choice 500ml - Vodka, Aperol, Peach, Toasted Cinnamon

Fancy Footwork 500ml - Gin, Yuzu, Grapefruit, Saskatoon Berry


Pine & Palm Cocktail Kits are finally here!


Simply store in your freezer or fridge, pick your favourite glass and pour.


Each kit is inspired by different genres of music, meanwhile each cocktail inside is inspired by a song or anthem. With each cocktail kit, you gain access to a curated playlist designed to complement the styles of cocktail you order. Each kit contains three 500ml bottles of batched cocktails, enough for 12-15 drinks.


All cocktails are pre-batched and ready to drink. We recommend storing them in your freezer or fridge (they won't freeze solid). Bring them to the beach, on a walk in the woods or after a long days grind - you've earnt a drink.


For best results, consume within 10 days.


Dance Cocktail Kit