Pine & Palm was conceived of over many months but, finally founded in 2020.

The idea was simple, to begin stripping away some of the cocktail industries luxurious, self-absorbed and often hedonistic decadence. We could then begin directing some of the conversation and funds to much needed local organisations/programs who we felt were doing invaluable work within our community. 

If we could take percentage of the profits from food and drink and redirect them to valuable causes, how much could we really begin to raise? What if we could still enjoy our dining experiences and copious cocktails but, shift the conversation and funds to more valuable places.

In North America particularly, how much wealth disparity and social marginalisation do you have to observe before you recognise some of the issues with an industry built upon luxury.

And so, Pine & Palm was born.

Max Curzon-Price



Max is started his professional career as a bartender and for a decade honed his craft in bars across the UK and Canada. His passion for creative expression in cocktails and providing warm, genuine service helped Max develop his ideas for bringing the same care and attention we have for our guests, beyond the bar and into our community.

Today, Max organises and hosts all Pine & Palm events. 

Guest Bartenders


Pine & Palm operates solely with guest bartenders, allowing creative free reign for all who come on board. Having the opportunity to allow a bartender or creative 'carte-blanche' is the secret to exciting, eccletic and enticing creations. 

Previous guest bartenders include Robin Cleaver, Nicole Cote, Carolyn Yu and

'World Class Global Champion' Kaitlyn Stewart.

Interested in being a guest bartender at a Pine & Palm event?

Guest Venues


Pine & Palm works exclusively with varying locations and venues - ensuring the experience you enjoy is always unique and different to previous events.

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